I'm New to Trillium
Relax! We are happy to see you.

If this is your first time attending Trillium in-person you probably have some questions. Here are some FAQs that people have asked  

What’s it like?  Trillium has a simple service. It consists of songs, prayers and a message. The congregation tends to be more relaxed in its approach to worship. People arrive early, on time or late so coming in a few minutes after 10:30 am is not uncommon. Many people are watching our services on-line but we have a pretty strong in-person attendance at the moment. Trillium is certainly known for its friendly outreach to newcomers.    

What about my kids?  We have a children’s in-person program called Power-Up Church running at the same time as Sunday worship. Children between 5-14 are welcome to participate. 

Where do I park?  Trillium is an inner city church. That means virtually no on-site parking. There is however a considerable amount of local on-street parking available plus many parking lots within a block of the church site for those arriving by motor vehicle. You shouldn't have a problem finding a place to park that is relatively close to the church. 

What do I wear?  Most people at Trillium dress informally. Being comfortable is important to us. There are some who attend services that enjoy wearing more formal clothing and that is okay too!   

How can I get connected?  If you need more information or would like assistance please contact the church office at office@trilliumchurch.ca. We can also arrange for a guide to welcome you and sit with you during the service if you feel a bit uncertain about coming.